Day 457

2010-02-12 15:53:24 by firerikku546555

Back to newgrounds. :)

[URL=" aker/levelup.php?35532"][IMG]http://ww ng[/IMG]
Click here to level up my license![/URL]
[URL=" ds/levelup.php?58936"][IMG]http://www. .png
Click here to level up my card![/URL]

Just came here to say to become my pupil in because its so awesome. Another thing I recommend is rrer_id=775404 So yeah go to those sites also with rewards1 you can earn stuff with points its awesome I know.

Bla bla bla
jk I'm not going to post only that but anyways lets continue...

Welcome to day 2 of the epic blogs on newgrounds I couldn't help but notice people HATE sprite AND flash movies to these trolls I say gtfo newgrounds before you get yourself in all sorts of trouble. So anyways I was at the forums (again) and I admited something that really made me feel happy although a lot of the fanboys will flame me for it I don't care! Well thats it for day 2 not much for today :p

Well I haven't really done that much shit for a while now until today! Before posting on the newgrounds forums which is fun as hell I was just doing votes and reviews most of which get taken down for talking shit about them which they are bad I'm sorry but when I see something thats bad I say that its bad. Oh well forgetting that I posted threads about Super Smash Bros 4 and What I will make with flash when I get it oh well I'm done with day 1 of my epic blogs.