Epic blog on newgrounds:Day 2

2009-03-05 12:14:24 by firerikku546555

Bla bla bla
jk I'm not going to post only that but anyways lets continue...

Welcome to day 2 of the epic blogs on newgrounds I couldn't help but notice people HATE sprite AND flash movies to these trolls I say gtfo newgrounds before you get yourself in all sorts of trouble. So anyways I was at the forums (again) and I admited something that really made me feel happy although a lot of the fanboys will flame me for it I don't care! Well thats it for day 2 not much for today :p


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2009-03-05 12:49:07

I only hate sprite movies because they are largely produced by stupid little SonicFags, and due to author specifications, are usually quite shit.


'Heheheheh I gona turn into superSonic and beat egman heh'

*Fires a big laser beam

firerikku546555 responds:

Yeah your right :( I hate the fanboys they look at any sonic forum and cause it has sonic in the name they have to bitch and moan about how sonic sucks nowadays cause they can't get out of the past


2009-03-05 12:49:24

Don't mind AlvinEarthworm though.